Archetypes of functional lateralisation. The maps correspond to the symbolic communication (a), perception/action (b), emotion (c) and decision (d) axes. Upper panel corresponds to the lateral view, middle panel to the medial view and lower panel to the cerebellum view (lateral and posterior views) of the reconstructed pattern of activations. VWFA visual word form area, WA Wernicke area, VFC ventral frontal cortex, IFg inferior frontal gyrus, MFg middle frontal gyrus, TPJ temporo-parietal junction, IPL inferior parietal lobule, STg superior temporal gyrus, IPs intraparietal sulcus, SS somatosensory cortex, M motor cortex, FEF frontal eye field, PTL posterior temporal lobe, PFC prefrontal cortex, SMA supplementary motor area, preSMA presupplementary motor area, ACC anterior cingulate cortex, BF basal forebrain (maps are available as Supplementary Data 25)