Ridge regression model on language score (88 subjects) for SDC, FDC and r-fMRI FC changes. Predictive weights projected back on the brain (left) and plot of the real score (x-axis) and model predicted score (y-axis) (right) are reported. R2-value is reported on the scatter plot. In upper and central maps, red-yellow represent voxels predicting deficits while blue-green represent voxels predicting no deficit. To optimize the visualization, the projected values in range (–0.1,0.1) are not displayed. Maps of r-fMRI FC (bottom) changes represent most predictive connections and nodes for FC-deficit model. The top 200 connections are shown: green connections indicate positive projected values (better performance) and orange connections indicates negative projected values (worse performance). The subset of 324 parcels included in the top 200 connections are displayed, the size of nodes is related to their contribution to the model (calculated as root-mean-square of all connections for each node).