Brainhack in time and space

(A) Anatomy of a Brainhack shows how the components of Brainhack events relate to overarching topics that lead to scientific and professional opportunities in neuroscience.

(B) Timeline of a single event describes the typical daily schedule throughout a Brainhack. Project work and educational activities occur simultaneously interspersed with unconferences.

(C) Brainhack cartography displays cities across the world that have hosted a Brainhack. Marker color indicates the year in which each city hosted its first Brainhack, and marker size indicates the number of events hosted in each city.

(D) The Brainhack timeline displays the number of events per month since the inaugural Brainhack in September 2012, along with notable happenings throughout the years. Months are only denoted in the first year with a single letter; this ordering is repeated for all subsequent years.

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